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11 online tools for animated gifs

Animated GIFs get more and more attention in the web – at the latest 2003/2004, when the GIF patents extinguished. A GIF image can contain lots of frames (single images) and displays itself the next image/frame after a few seconds. That is a good way to show short clips, advertising banners or a small gallery.

In this article we introduce 11 online tools you can use for gif animations.

What is a GIF file?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It allows at most 256 colors – significantly less than other image formats such as PNG or JPEG. But therefore and because it provides a good compression GIF files are really small.

The other special thing of GIF is the animation feature. A GIF file can contain, as written above, lots of frames. So there a several images in one image file. For this animation feature there are lot of online tools. 11 of them are presented here.

11 must-have online tools for GIF animations

  1. Video to GIF converter
    On ezgif.com you can easily upload video files (MP4, WEBM, AVI, FLV, MOV and others) and convert them into a gif file.
  2. Simply GIF generator
    For example for advertising banners a gif basing on a few image files (PNG, GIF, JPG) can be helpful. You can use this GIF generator to create it, or to extract frames from an animated GIF file by uploading it.
  3. Youtube to GIF
    Giphy.com supports not only uploaded files, but also Youtube, Vine and other video URLs. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create GIFs from Youtube videos and others.
  4. GIF optimizer
    Smaller files are always welcome. Use gifgifs.com to reduce GIF files by reduce colors, by drop frames or by a lossy gif optimization.
  5. gifgifs.com archive
    On the same website gifgifs.com you can find lots of GIFs in categories such as animals, sports and nature.
  6. GIFs on giphy
    Giphy.com is a popular website for lots of GIF images you can download and use.
  7. “Best” gif animations
    According to its name you find on bestanimations.com really good GIFs. Try it out!
  8. GIF splitter
    You want to extract the different files of a GIF animation? GIFMaker.me is doing a good job.
  9. Another splitter: GIF Explode
    Another tool for splitting a GIF file into its frames is gif-explode.com.
  10. Online Image Editor, also for GIFs
    The Online-Image-Editor.com does not only supports BMP, JPG and PNG, but also animated GIF files. For example you can crop the image and add photo borders.
  11. Another free GIF maker
    The 11th tool in this article is freegifmaker.me supporting Youtube videos and interesting animated gif effects.

We hope you got a good overview of interesting and helpful online tools for your animated GIFs.

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